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When we have time, we can better nourish ourselves.

Where do you find your nourishment?

I’m one of those people who revels in the fire hose of knowledge and inspiration that is the internet. I’m not on social media. That helps (unless you’re trying to grow a blog). I’m selective about my nutrients.

The fire hose is most nourishing when I’m able to feed my love of beauty, proportion, creativity — art — to say nothing of truth, courage, cleverness, the linking of thoughts in a larger picture, and unvarnished expressions of love.

One of my favourite nourishing “feeds” these days is Dezeen, an outstanding online "magazine" for architects (but really for anyone who appreciates design). I subscribe to the free daily email. It’s a gift box of design brilliance delivered to my inbox.

This charmed me the other day: an artfully restored and updated cabin in Tasmania, 180 years old, perched high and alone on a grassy rise above the sea. It touched some deep yearning. A short video took me inside. A lilting solo-piano soundtrack played as the camera toured the exhilarating restoration, meticulously detailed, rich in buffed wood and old brick, then outside to imagine how this perfect little house has overlooked the sea for generations, loved, surely, by its successive owners.

Days later it still swims in my head, reminding me to be awed by humans. For that kind of nourishment, I am making more time.

Go to Tasmania and see Captain Kelly’s cottage for yourself. Be sure to click on the video. (Photo by Trevor Mein)


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