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Cheerful Despair

cheerful despair.png

In levity is freedom, fleeting release from the existential.

The existential — and I’m referring to the part when you are quitting what you’ve done most of your life and walking into a new and unknown chapter — can, in low moments, resemble despair.

Thankfully, there’s this button full of levity. A useful bit of psychotherapy in two words.

Its marketer, a German company called Complicated Needs claims to provide “tools that intelligently humour quizzical minds” — products, they claim, that “support comic relief, offer consolation, and contribute to the combative strength needed for positive change.”

Perfect for those of us trying to figure out the rest of our lives.

The people at Complicated Needs can also write (or they hire good copywriters). Here’s the caption for the button:

Wear your despair lightly.

The brute facts of life are bleak: suffering, misunderstanding, loneliness, death. But that’s no reason to be glum; indeed, the dark backdrop makes our laughter and celebration of what is good all the more important. This badge should support you in wearing your despair lightly.

Who doesn’t want that?


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