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Who's pushing you in the right direction?

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This image, clipped from Twitter, was tweeted by the interesting Do Lectures organization.

“Be around the energy that pushes you forward.”

A wise statement is like a good filter. We all need filters in life, to help us, in the least, avoid trouble, and more constructively, make life-enhancing decisions by separating what’s good for us from what’s not.

As we age, it makes sense to be even more selective, to have finer filters based on what we’ve learned over the years and how we want to grow in the years we have left. They are filters woven from experience — how we behave, what we eat and drink, what we give our attention to, how we spend our time.

And with whom.

Outside of family, we almost always have a choice, once our time is our own, as to who comprises the company we keep.

Some company is habitual or historical, some is based on a shared interest, and some on support given or received.

We can always seek and foster new friendships for the energy those people bring with them and give to us. (Hopefully, reciprocated.)

Who’s pushing you in the right direction?

Who might?


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