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Vocabuteria: alacrity

[An ongoing feature designed to improve your vocabulary and mine.]


“Alacrity” is one of those words that you feel you should know and use. But because we don’t use it much, we forget what it means. It means cheerful readiness, promptness, and willingness. If you act with alacrity, you are keen, maybe even zealous. It’s old (1500) and derived from Latin. Is it useful? Good question. One of the most colorful, vocabularily endowed (not a term) writers on the political scene in the U.S. used it smoothly here:

Welcome to the Trump era, the flushing-toilet-bowl stage of America's history, where every move any of us makes is part of a great swirling synergy sucking us with ever-greater alacrity down the hole of failure and destruction. Good news, bad news, it all heads in the same direction soon enough, after a spin or two around the bowl.

The War in the White House
by Matt Taibbi,
May 3, 2017


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