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Steamy Interlude: "This is the closest to an orgasm that music can get."

Chris Isaak wrote and performed the big, juicy, heart-wrenching, retro-flavored 1991 hit "Wicked Game" ("The world was on fire and no one could save me but you / It's strange what desire will make foolish people do..."). Everyone thinks it was sung by Roy Orbison in the late Fifties. I heard an achingly beautiful cover version duet live last weekend at our local music festival that actually caused tears to well in my eyes. Then a friend sent me this other Chris Isaak song — "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" — performed in this 1996 video recorded in France. It feels more like 1959 in Laredo. We are likely the only cohort of retirees in history that will ever vibrate, beguiled, to this snarly locomotive of a song. It touches a big boomer nerve. Check it out. Someone in the comments section on YouTube wrote: "This is the closest to an orgasm that music can get."


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