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How to Get a Retired Man's Attention

Any man will pay attention if you talk about the strength of his erections. A retired man might pay even more attention.

James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director of Titanic and Avatar has produced a documentary film called The Game Changers that promotes a vegan diet — eating plants exclusively. No meat. No dairy.

Preaching about diet is like strolling a minefield. But James Cameron is not shy.

He and his wife, Suzy Amis Cameron, started eating only plants six years ago. Suzy recently released a book titled OMD: Change the World by Changing One Meal a Day.

It’s common knowledge that if the world stopped eating meat, the planet would be significantly less prone to climate change (and millions of animals would be spared the hell they endure for our sake).

But Cameron’s real attention-grabber around eating plants is about men’s health and strength and stamina, in particular their erections.

One scene in the movie that might well achieve viral notoriety features urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz, author of The Penis Book. He measures penile length and girth in three men after they have eaten meat meals and vegan meals. The post-vegan-meal erections were demonstrably more vigorous.

In an interview, Cameron told Peter Howell, movie critic for the Toronto Star, “obviously one of the first symptoms of atherosclerosis is erectile dysfunction. And then some of the more severe heart problems tend to follow very quickly.”

Cameron also says men mistakenly think that strength comes from eating meat protein. That’s apparently untrue. Plant protein is just as good and better for health. 

And erections.

(My clever sister, who read this post before it was posted, quipped, “Less meat, more bone.”)

Watch this energetic trailer for Cameron’s film and be amazed, or at least amused.


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