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More|Less List

More Less List.png

Someone said to me a while back, “I’m wondering what’s on your not-do list in retirement.”

I like that line of thought. To-do lists keep us busy. Not-do lists help us be less busy and more selective in what we choose to do — or not do — with our time.

I’m fond of lists. In my copywriting work, the list is a mighty tool. In general, I like to write things down. It edifies our thinking. It commits us a little more than just thinking. We are inscribing, imprinting, impressing.

And today, I saw a more sophisticated variation of the not-do list (thanks to swissmiss and her daily email). It’s the More|Less list of some clever person named Julia Rothman.

Julia made her list for the coming year: more running, cooking, helping dancing, etc. and less eating, social media, expectation, etc.

Try it. I did (above). Two columns. More|Less. A wish list. A wish-less list. Some from the heart. Some from the head. However it skews for you.

The More|Less list is like a twin set of volume dials. The one of the left turns only right. The one of the the right turns only left.

(I’m having second thoughts about dialing down sun exposure after reading this blockbuster of an article in Outside Online: “Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?” Prepare to have your assumptions rattled.)


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