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Rolling On

I have a Deadhead friend. Most people can’t make that claim. My friend is the real thing. He attended almost 200 Grateful Dead live performances between 1981 and 1993. Years ago, he guided me and a van-load of other friends to the only Dead concert I ever attended (in Buffalo, NY), where I inhaled helium from a huge balloon and fell in and out of love in 15 minutes with a beautiful young woman who slid up beside me in the crowd, took my hand, asked me to lead her closer to the stage, and then, after planting an unexpected and full-on kiss of remarkable intensity, disappeared. I digress. My friend is also a diehard Rolling Stones fan. When they tour, he travels. And as he gets closer to retirement, he has no intention of stopping until the Stones do. He subscribed to my blog today and sent me this:

“I will be 58 this August and I certainly am having some more moments of WTF is this all about these days.  Somehow there’s a correlation to the upcoming Rolling Stones “No Filter” tour of America in May/June. Hard to put into proper words but “This Could Be the Last Time”/a potential apocalypse/who would have thought the Rolling Stones would be touring and filling stadiums in their mid-70s AND in Donald Trump’s America in 2019? That’s the basic sentiment. They sold out their May 2 New Orleans Jazz Festival appearance (80,000 tickets) in about an hour yesterday. I’m planning to go to Santa Clara, California for that show and then they are in Seattle five days later. I’ve never been north of California in that region and I am going to do the Pacific Coast Highway hippie pilgrimage. So my priorities are still intact but in some flux as you can see.”

What about you?

How, in this stage of life, have things changed, stayed the same, or entered flux? How will you resist? How will you not resist? Is it wistful, wonderful, or somewhere in between? Do we just keep going or slide gracefully away from intensity into something else? Do we even have a taste for intensity like we used to? Where do we amp it up and where do we turn it down?


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