Tony Leighton is a Canadian writer happily retired and attempting to help others feel the same.

Who's colonizing your mind?

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In my last post, I wrote that three things tipped me into retirement: 1) My job was stressful at the volumes of work I was handling, and I was handling the stress with less resilience. 2) I knew there was a whole world beyond work that was waiting to be explored, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. And time was flying past too quickly. I had to slow it down.

There was a fourth reason: colonization.

What also tipped me over the edge was a sort of science-fiction story I kept running in my head. "They" — my clients with all of their issues, needs, and imperatives — had "colonized" my mind so unremittingly that I actually feared they would never leave. I was losing my mind to an occupying force. They had taken over my playground.

What's on your mind? Who gets to occupy it? When will they be leaving your playground?


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