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What's the right age to retire?

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Jason Baca is 45 and calling it quits.

In March, People magazine ran this story: "Romance Novel Model Jason Baca, 45, Retiring from the Genre After Posing on Over 630 Covers." That's right, six hundred and thirty. The undisputed king of the romance novel cover, Jason Baca, wasn't pushed out in favor of younger men, he left on his own accord. Having passionately desired all his adult life to pose on romance covers, he got his wish more than 630 times, but finally lost his juice. Understandably. Baca told People that, “the thrill of achievement with it all diminished.” Now, like you and me, Jason Baca is just another retiree riding off into the sunset. With a heck of a lot of ego notches in his belt (which he was often shown without on the steamier covers).

Iris Apfel is 97 and increasing her workload.

If you want to keep working, and you're Iris Apfel — who is more than twice as old as Jason Baca — a new chapter can begin at 97. Apfel, long a fashion icon, signed a contract recently with IMG, one of the world's largest talent agencies. You can read all about it here. Apfel, like Christopher Plummer, equates retirement with death. She only wants to work, and thinks those who don't are nuts:

"I don’t think a number should make any difference and make you stop working," she said. "I think retirement is a fate worse than death. I love to work, and love my work. I feel sorry for people who don’t like what they do. I do it now to the exclusion of everything else."

Iris by Gustavo Caballero-Getty Images

Iris by Gustavo Caballero-Getty Images


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