Tony Leighton is a Canadian writer happily retired and attempting to help others feel the same.

What now?

The answer to “What now?” is another question:

What matters?

The way to launch a fulfilling retirement — if you haven’t already done so — is to find out what matters to you. Or at least confirm your assumptions.

Tools are helpful:

  • Lists (of things that matter, those don’t so much anymore, and things you suspect could matter more with greater exposure)

  • Questions (of your assumptions, and your possibilities)

  • Reflection (so that buried things that matter more than we are aware might rise from calm and quiet)

  • Reduction (to the things that matter most in light of the time we have left)

  • Testing (to discover and confirm)

What matters to us can change and even take us by surprise. Meaning and purpose are malleable. (“Oh. I don’t think I really want that anymore. But… that, I might.”)

A periodic audit is useful, especially at the cusp of a new stage of life.


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