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Updated: Mar 19

Well I’m writing my first blog post as I’m supposed to be writing my sociology final! In two weeks I’ll be catapulted in the ‘real world’ as I graduate from university with a degree I don’t really love anymore, I think I’d rather do anything else than work in international relations. When I was in highschool, thinking about what I were to major in and gathering ideas, I asked my Mom what she majored in. She told me about how she majored in international relations and wanted to work for the UN and live in New York or Geneva, yet she had been too scared to leave her family behind and has worked at the same company for over twenty years- that sparked something in me, I thought well I could do that too, but I’ll actually move abroad. Now I’m here, finishing my degree with no relevant experience interning in the government over the summers, not strengthening my French, and with a distaste for the other students in my program, who seem to be a little too keen about diplomacy.

What I do know is that I love travelling, fashion, arts and culture. The only question is how do I turn this into a profitable job? A couple of years ago I had the experience of writing for Vancouver Fashion Week. I had to take the bus an hour and a half from my university, tired after classes to get to the venue and I knew absolutely no one and had no experience. Yet, I never once felt the need to complain, I found myself looking forward to every time I had to do the long, hot commute. And this is when I realized what I actually loved doing. So I guess this is me trying that again.

Let’s see where this takes me…

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